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We offer a variety of aesthetic and holistic services.

Self relaxation by using pre-appt relaxation chair with the Shealy Relaxamate System: This was developed by Norman Shealy co-founder of The Holistic Medical Association. 

Systematic Desensitization; reduction of fears by allowing patient directed treatment and at a pace determined by you. A non drug approach.

Compatibility testing for dental materials for those with sensitivities. We have teamed up with a lab in Colorado that reads your blood to see which material might be reactive to your body.

For those requesting amalgam replacement a consult is suggested to go over all aspects involved. Oxygen mask and rubber dam are always used. High speed suction which is also vented out of the building, office ambient air is changed every hour and the heat recaptured. 

The restorative material used is a polycrystaline nano-ceramic. I have researched and chosen this as it is the only material that I can find studies that show it is Non- reactive to cells, and blood and with subtle energy testing was the only material that didn’t interfere with body energies, so it is compatible physically and energetically . It has excellent physical properties such as wear resistance, strength and appearance. Of course,it is not a BPA based resin. These are artisan restorations as opposed to computer manufactured units and are quite beautiful. Excellent tooth replacement material.

Diamond crown is the material of choice that we use.  We have chose this particular material because it's biocompatibility backed up by third party testing and also backed up by bio energetic testing. The restorations are artisans restorations that  are hand layered.

As a professional member of the Price Pottenger Foundation; I would appreciate that you read the two articles enclosed on this site which I wrote and incorporates nutritional research information as it relates to the mouth,and overall health,( Dr Price was reversing decay nutritionally) . One article is about my personal discovery of benefits of Raw Milk and the other on Holistic Dentistry. Both are informative and educational for anyone wanting to take control of their health. 

Below are just a handful of some of our regular services. If you would like you can just schedule a consultation to discuss your concerns in a more relaxed atmosphere and bring out all of your questions.

A safe, effective method to whiten stained, discolored, or dull teeth; which can be done in the privacy of your home. We use a bleaching process that is patient directed so that progress is determined by your individual mouth, not one size fits all approach. This system ,I feel, has the highest potential for least negative effects on the biology of the teeth and tissues. Using a custom tray that is hand made and trimmed to fit each tooth, you minimizes the amount of bleach used as well as the amount that goes onto  your tissues. Once you have the tray made, future bleaching adjustments can be done by the patient by their own discretion without office intervention. 

Ultra-thin laminates are custom designed to fit directly over your natural tooth, then are bonded to the surface. Veneers can change the size, color, shape and texture of your teeth; often used to close gaps, or completely disguise chipped or cracked teeth. No-prep veneers are always done if adequate space allows. They can be done in porcelain or resin.  With this procedure done you can have a complete change of appearance.

Enamel-like material is applied, hardened and polished so as to disappear into the surface of your tooth.

Porcelain or ceramic "replacement" teeth are made cover and reinforce decayed or cracked teeth — ultimately protecting and strengthening the natural tooth underneath. Crowns are also used over implants for individual tooth replacement and can also used to completely transform existing smiles!

CUSTOMIZED DENTURES - for a face lift without the surgery.
Natural looking dreplacements constructed of durable, life-like, beautiful material designed to improve overall appearance with consideration to facial support. Customized dentures have even shown to decrease apparent signs of aging on the face. 
We also provide mini-implant retained lower dentures, which eliminate the need for adhesives by increasing stability and therefore chewing function and comfort. See examples in the before and after photos. Look under customized denture area.

The need to retain a tooth that has died or causing pain rather than remove it, is how the field of root canal therapy or Endodontics came into existence. Dr Weston Price of the Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation had studies which showed that the bacteria that get into the root structure itself as opposed to the canal, give off toxins that are what appears to be an immune load and has negative systemic health implications. Because of this all root canals are done with intent to disinfect the structure not just the canal. This will take multiple visits instead of just one. It is best to discuss your individual situation with all positive and negative effects of options open to you concerning the individual tooth, so that a decision can be made in your best interest. Acting out of facts instead of fear.

Restoration of bone anchored, or integrated implants for individual tooth replacement.
Placement of mini-implants for lower denture retention.

*Resin that Dr. Aulicino uses is of the highest possible bio-compatability available, and is also completely bisphenol-A (BPA) free