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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our practice is a Holistic Aesthetic practice. We have a holistic approach which provides an aesthetic result. A healthy mouth will look well. 

The concept of Holism originally came out of the Health Readings of Edgar Cayce over 60 years ago. Holism recognizes the interrelatedness of body, mind & Soul. Today science is verifying this concept with discoveries in psychoneuro-immunology, for example, giving a mechanism for why what we think and feel can have effects on all different aspects of our body. Balance is achieved in a healthy individual. Perhaps we could say that balance in all aspects is the state of health. Disease in a system would be caused by upsetting that balance. In the mouth, for example, disturbance of the balance of the bacterial flora will give you the result of decay, or periodontal disease, or trench mouth. Materials placed in the mouth can have effects on the other organs. Ten percent of women, for example, react allergically to Nickel, a metal used in different restorative materials.

Acupuncture energy meridians from different teeth relate to different internal body organs. and, therefore jaw positions can affect the body energetically. This logically leads to the conclusion that we're practicing Whole Body Dentistry.

So our approach to healing is one of restoring balance. We approach the relationship with the patient as very important. Everyone is different and what they experience is different from someone else's experience; so we attempt to establish a nonthreatening environment where you can express yourself and be listened to.

By teaching you about your own mouth, you can understand what the problems are, particularly those not causing you pain but which contribute to deterioration of the teeth themselves, your appearance, or overall health. As Mayo (of the Mayo clinic said perhaps 100 years ago, before hi-tech diagnostic equipment), that he had never seen a vibrantly healthy individual with a sick mouth. It's all connected, physically, and energetically.

We consider as fact that the mouth has a huge impact on your overall health; we therefore, approach treatment to support health, nutritionally, psychologically, biomechanically, and energetically: We use a pre-appointment relaxation chair to massage the tension out of your back and at the same time you can experience Shealy Relax-o-mate audio visual system to relax yourself without medication. Normal Shealy is a neurosurgeon who has a founding member of the American Holistic Medical Association. True respect for the hard tissue is shown by using minimally invasive procedures which will do the least amount of trauma to live tooth structure. For more information, please visit the website for Minimally Invasive Dentistry and Microdentistry.


This type of approach will ensure that your teeth will last a long time.

High Tech equipment is always evaluated for patient's and Dr's benefit namely for comfort, diagnostic understanding, communication, technical enhancement of procedures. However, we attempt to humanize these aids by having them work for the patient, and not have the patient, Dr. and Staff fit into the technology.